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Do your Kubernetes and/or VMware based solutions support full dual-stack IPv4/v6?

And while I'm asking... are your datacenters in locations where direct BGP peering is possible with one or more providers, or at least, are you in a position where you do not have to pay (and pass on) transit to a substantial degree?


Can I run FileMaker Pro server or web host my domain?

Tight VNC reports target maching actively refusing

trying to download and Im getting confused. I downloaded TightVNC and it cant seem to connect to the IP address I was given in my email by Mac Stadium

OS reload

For testing software on different os's is there an easy way for me to reload to an older or newer version os OSX/MacOS

MacStadium and renewable energy

I'm considering renting a few more MacStadium Minis to scale up an existing project, but am hesitating due to concerns about energy use and climate impact. I can't find any info in the FAQ about how their data centers are powered. Does anyone know if MacStadium has any kind of commitment to using renewable energy (solar, wind) to power the data centers?


The main thing keeping me from using MacStadium, is I can't find a Terraform Provider for mac stadium. Anyone seen one?

Screen Sharing latency

I'm running a couple of Mac Minis (Sierra 10.12.6, i5 16Gb/500Gb) on MacStadium and manage them mostly via Screen Sharing. They are on the 100Mbps connection and my connection is NBN 100Mbps (realistically 92Mbps). They are not high trafiic so I should have reasonable a reasonable connection. Unfortunately my Screen Sharing connection seems to crawl these days. I click on an item and wait 10 secs or so for it to select. Pretty much unusable. Tech support want me to take it down for diagnostics but won't forecast the downtime. These are production servers, so that is not going to happen. And they won't give me access to another server for comparison. But they are happy for me to upgrade to 1000Mbps. Are others seeing the same issues as me? Is 1000Mbps really and improvement?

Does MacStadium have a recommend WordPress setup?

We've looked at Homebrew and MAMP.info, but does MacStadium or MacStadium customers have a consensus on the ideal WordPress installation method for macOS?

What types of hardware can I choose to run my MacOS cloud instances on?

I'm curious as to what specific hardware configurations that MacStadium offers.