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Screen Sharing latency

I'm running a couple of Mac Minis (Sierra 10.12.6, i5 16Gb/500Gb) on MacStadium and manage them mostly via Screen Sharing. They are on the 100Mbps connection and my connection is NBN 100Mbps (realistically 92Mbps). They are not high trafiic so I should have reasonable a reasonable connection.

Unfortunately my Screen Sharing connection seems to crawl these days. I click on an item and wait 10 secs or so for it to select. Pretty much unusable.

Tech support want me to take it down for diagnostics but won't forecast the downtime. These are production servers, so that is not going to happen. And they won't give me access to another server for comparison. But they are happy for me to upgrade to 1000Mbps.

Are others seeing the same issues as me? Is 1000Mbps really and improvement?