Here, you will find information related to both accessing your firewall directly and
setting up a site-to-site connection with a third-party cloud provider.

Accessing the Firewall Directly

Cisco Firewall Overview
To protect your environment, MacStadium deploys your private cloud with a dedicated
Cisco firewall. Cisco firewalls offer top shelf security for your entire environment.

Connect via VPN
This is the first connection you'll likely make. It's a prerequisite for nearly, if not all, other operations.

Connect via SSH
A favorite means of gaining access for scripted processes, such as provisioning VMs and
automating operations with tools such as Ansible and Packer.

Logging into Your Cisco Firewall
You'll need to configure your operations in the firewall. This guide will get you access. Once you've
gained access, you will want to follow the companion step that suits your use case.

Site-to-Site Networking

Connect a third-party cloud to your MacStadium environment if:

  • You need to share files between the two clouds.
  • You need to share the cloud infrastructure.
  • You need to access the virtual machines from one cloud on the other.
  • You need to run a more complex CI/CD setup where the macOS part of the pipeline is hosted in
    MacStadium and the remaining pipeline is hosted in another cloud.

Step 1

Third-Party Platform Site-to-Site Config

Choose the third-party provider you would like to connect your Mac Cloud to, and
follow the setup instructions provided.

Step 2

Prep for MacStadium (Cisco) Config

You'll need to collect some information from the third-party provider as you prepare the
VPN configuration for input into the Cisco ASA/ASAv.

Step 3

MacStadium Site-to-Site Config

Once third-party setup is completed, you will need to configure the MacStadium end of things.

Configure MacStadium's End of the Site-to-Site VPN

Step 4 (Optional)

Verify Connection + Troubleshooting

MacStadium + AWS
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting

MacStadium + Azure
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting

MacStadium + Google Cloud Platform
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting


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