Activate Anka Flow on Your Devices

To activate Anka Flow on your devices, you will need:

  1. A license key
  2. An MS# (This is another key that starts with MS and has numbers after it included in your service request.)

If you do not have either of these keys, please reach out to MacStadium Support through your original service request.

Step 1: Install the Anka package

Ensure you have installed the Anka package. You can find more details on that process here:

Step 2: Activate the license

On the machine with Anka Flow installed, open a terminal and run the following command: anka license activate --cid <MS#>

Once you complete this step, you will see a confirmation with a fulfillment ID.

Step 3: Share the fulfillment ID with MacStadium

Document this fulfillment ID and send this ID back to MacStadium in your original service ticket. This is required for our record keeping.

There will be one fulfillment ID per device. Please provide each fulfillment ID to MacStadium anytime you install the software on a device.


If you remove the software and need to re-install it on another device, a new fulfillment ID will be generated. When you share this with MacStadium, please note that there is an old fulfillment ID that needs to be removed and replaced with the new fulfillment ID.

You should now be ready to use your Anka Flow service on your devices. If you have any questions, please reach out to MacStadium Support.