Create Tickets in Slack

For our enterprise cloud customers, we offer a shared channel for your team to communicate directly with MacStadium through Slack. For customers that have a MacStadium shared channel, you can create a service request directly from Slack!

To create and manage service request tickets, we’ve integrated a new Atlassian product, Halp, into Slack. To start a ticket from Slack follow these easy steps:

  1. Invite Halp to the Slack channel.

Note: If Halp is already a member of the channel, then Slack will just tell you and you can keep going.
Note: Halp does not work with Slack direct messages, only channels.

  1. Add the bellhop_bell emoji ("reacji") to the message that you want to be the title of your help ticket. This will create the ticket (see screenshot below).


  1. After adding the bellhop_bell reacji, Halp will ask you to select the appropriate form for your issue.
  1. Select, complete, and submit the MacStadium Service Center form.
749 529
  • Requester: The person creating the ticket. Do not modify this field.
  • Request Type: This is the type of request you want to create. Choices include billing, remote hands, upgrade/downgrade, and other.
  • Summary of the issue: A summary description of the request. This will become the title of the ticket.
  • Data Center (optional): The data center in which this request will take place. Choices include ATL1, ATL2, ATLW, DUB1, LAS1, SJC1. Leave this field blank if you are unsure of which data center to use.
  • Who are you raising this request on behalf of? (optional): If you’re raising this request on behalf of someone other than yourself, provide that person’s name here.
  • Create the request by selecting the Create button.
  1. Halp will now create the request, notify MacStadium, and open a thread on the message where you added the reacji. This thread is a bi-directional thread to the newly created ticket request.
  1. Click on the Halp replies to enter the service ticket thread where you can interact with the MacStadium Service Center (see image below).
  1. The normal Slack Thread panel will open and you should see something like this…
  1. At this point, use the same functionality as a normal Slack conversation. Comments between you and the MacStadium Service Desk are synced to the ticket as well as posted in Slack.

Have questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager at [email protected].

Information Specific to Shared Channel Users

The first time one of your Slack messages in the MacStadium shared channel is marked with a "🛎️" emoji, Halp will send you a direct message (see example DM below). The message will explain that you need to sign in to Halp via Slack so that you can be properly associated with this and all future tickets in this shared channel.


For more details, please review the Halp-produced video, Obtaining shared channel user email demo.