Orka Third Party Code

Orka, powered by MacStadium, bundles best-of-breed open source technologies within the Orka application environment. Such Third-Party Code is opaquely embedded within the Product and is not directly accessible by, nor does it interface directly with, any end-user software or infrastructure, so as to avoid any open source licensing incompatibilities with our end users’ intellectual property.

Orka, powered by MacStadium, supports these open source communities whose collective efforts enable our own. To that end, Orka strives to share any contributions we make to any Third Party Code via the applicable Open Source community. If any such modifications are not applicable to the broader community, and if the applicable license requires that such modifications be made available, then Orka will publish those modifications via its website. The following is a list of open source licenses that represent the majority of all code incorporated into Orka: