Site-to-Site VPN Config

Verify that you have configured the non-MacStadium side of the VPN connection.
For more information, see:

Verify that you have prepared the configuration.
For more information, see Prepare the VPN Configuration for Input into Cisco ASA/ASAv.

Verify that you are connected via VPN to your MacStadium private cloud.
For more information about how to connect to the VPN, see Connecting to Your Cloud (via VPN).


  1. Run Cisco ASDM-IDM and log in.
    For more information about how to log in to your firewall, see Logging in to Your Cisco Firewall.

  2. In the Cisco ASDM-IDM application toolbar, select Tools > Command Line Interface....

  3. Select Multiple Line.

  4. Type configure terminal, press Enter, and paste the contents of the prepared VPN configuration.
    For more information about this command, see Cisco Documentation: configure terminal.

  5. Click Send.

  6. Verify connection (optional).

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Site-to-Site VPN Config

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