Setup VCSA Backups

This guide walks you through the configuration of the VCSA backups which should be performed before any upgrades or other major changes.

In order to backup the VCSA, you will first need to setup a directory using one of the following protocols: FTPS, HTTPS, SCP, FTP, NFS, SMB, and HTTP. MacStadium recommends setting up one of these kinds of shares in your environment before starting this guide. You can find helpful guides on how to quickly and easily set one up online. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using an FTP share, however you can follow the same method for any kind of share.

Backup Instructions

Once you have determined your repository, document it and any login information you might need for the share.

  1. Go to https://vCenterIP:5480. The vCenter IP is the IP of your VCSA appliance, which is provided in your MacStadium IP Plan.
  • You will be presented with a login page.
  • Provide root for the username and use the VCSA administrator password provided in your IP plan.



If this password does not work, please open a MacStadium Support ticket.

  1. Once logged in, click the Backup button in the left menu.

  2. We recommend setting up a backup schedule; however, if you just want a one-time backup you can select the Backup Now button to do a single instance. Otherwise, select the Configure button on the Backup Schedule section.

  3. For Backup Location, provide the correct URL for your repository. Provide the username and password for the repository in the appropriate fields.

If you are setting up a schedule, determine the frequency and number of backups to keep.

  • MacStadium recommends a weekly backup and the retention of five copies. You can adjust the frequency and retention as needed for the size of your environment.

  • You may provide an encryption password as well for additional security; however, please note you will need to provide that password to MacStadium Support in case of a need to recover your vCenter.

  • You can leave the Stats, Events and Tasks checkbox checked unless space is a concern.

  • Select Create when finished.

  1. You are all set! You should see the Status change to Enabled and now your VCSA should automatically backup during the set time. To verify everything is working as expected, select the Backup Now button.

  2. Check the box to use the Backup Schedule information.

  • You will need to provide the passwords again as well as uncheck the Events box if desired.
  • Select Start when ready.
  1. If everything is configured correctly you should see your task start. If it fails, be sure your user has permission to write to the share and that the VCSA can access the IP over the selected protocol.

Restore Instructions

If you should run into an issue where your VCSA is no longer accessible, please open a MacStadium Support ticket. We will troubleshoot the issue and attempt to resolve the problem with your authorized access to the affected environment.

If we are not able to resolve the issue, or you would just like to restore from a backup without troubleshooting, you will need to provide the backup data in a ZIP file to the MacStadium team. We will use the provided backups to restore your VCSA and let you know when the issue is resolved.