Adding ESXi hosts to your VMware Cloud

As you manage your MacStadium VMware Cloud environment, you may run into an issue with running out of available resources. Or maybe you want to provide some Disaster Recovery options like High Availability to your environment. This would require adding a new ESXi host to your environment. The process within MacStadium is pretty simple.

  1. Open a MacStadium Support Ticket requesting to add additional host to your environment. If you have multiple clusters, specify which cluster you would like to add the hosts to.
  • Please note: VMware clusters work best when running all of the same hardware type. This means a cluster of 12C MacPros should be separate from a cluster of 2018 MacMinis. You can setup multiple clusters of different hardware types in your VMware Cloud environment as long as the individual clusters are only running a single hardware type.
  1. Your Account Manager will reach out to you to discuss how many servers may be needed and pricing costs.

  2. Once everything is settled, MacStadium will add the additional hosts to your environment under a new cluster named "PreStage-DoNotUse". Please do not touch the hosts while they are in this environment as our Support team is still configuring the host(s) and preparing it for use in your environment.

  3. Once the hosts are ready, they will be moved to a new cluster named "Ready". The hosts will remain in Maintenance Mode during this step. When you are ready to use the hosts and they are in the Ready cluster, move them to the appropriate cluster.

  4. Once it is in the appropriate cluster, you may take the host out of Maintenance Mode and it will be ready for use.