Connecting to a Mac mini


For customers with a firewall

If you have an account that includes a firewall, visit the "Connect to your Cloud (VPN)" page.

Getting connected to a dedicated Mac mini at MacStadium is simple. Your server is pre-configured to be controlled with VNC or SSH.

Finding your login credentials after signup

Your initial login credentials are created for you after checkout. Follow these steps to access them:

  1. Log in to your Portal account. These are the same credentials you created or used during the checkout process.
  2. Locate a ticket titled "Installation"
  3. Inside that ticket, you'll find the IP address, username, and password you will need to access your machine

Connecting from macOS with Screen Sharing

Connecting to your MacStadium Mac's desktop from a Mac is very simple because a VNC client is included with macOS.

  1. Input your machine's IP address into Safari replacing HTTP with VNC (e.g. vnc://
  2. Apple Screen Sharing app will launch and request your machine's username and password
  3. You'll be presented with the login screen - enter your password one more time

Connecting via VNC from Windows

Connecting to your MacStadium Mac's desktop is simple from Windows but requires a VNC client. We recommend Real VNC Viewer, which is free to use.

  1. Download Real VNC viewer
  2. Install and run
  3. Use the IP address from your installation ticket
  4. Use the username and password from your installation ticket
  5. Once you see the macOS login screen, enter your password from your installation ticket one more time

Connecting from Windows 10 via SSH

Connecting to your MacStadium Mac terminal via SSH is simple with Windows 10's native SSH command.

  1. Go to the search bar and type "CMD" and open Command Prompt
  2. Into the prompt, enter: ssh username@your-ip-address - where the username and IP address are the first login credentials you received after sign up
  3. Enter the password for your machine