MacStadium FAQs

Mac Private Clouds

What is the best environment for me?

What components are included with every Mac Pro in a private cloud?

What is covered in the price of a private cloud?

How much control do I have over my infrastructure?

How do I connect to my firewall?

What virtualization options are available?

How do I set up monitoring and alerts?

Can I add non-Mac infrastructure to my cloud?

I need about 'X' concurrent VMs. How much will that cost?

How can I scale my cloud up or down?

How can I get free VMware ESXi licensing?

How do I manage VMware ESXi from my Mac?

Is there a control panel to create and manage multiple macOS virtual machines on a single host?

Should we use resource reservations in VMware?

Why am I getting a VMware alert about the Data Service container running low on heap memory?

Single Mac Subscriptions

After I sign up for a single Mac, what happens next?

How do I connect to my Mac for the first time?

Can you assist with the configuration of my Mac?

How do the different Mac computers compare?

Can I change the OS on my server from macOS to Linux?

Can I use a remote Mac for iOS development?

Can a hosted Mac server offer a virtual desktop at 4k resolution?

Do I have root and admin access to subscription-based Mac servers?

Do I need a VNC server installed on my Mac?

Is there macOS software to replace the popular web hosting software offered by Linux VPS providers?

What is instant provisioning and how long does it take?

Why are coreaudiod and launchd using a high amount of resources?

Does MacStadium offer a hosted iMac Pro?

How do I order multiple servers at one time?

What are MacStadium’s proprietary Mac Pro upgrades?

What’s the OLA on rebooting a dedicated Mac host?

I accidentally turned off VNC on my hosted Mac. What do I do?

I need my servers to have pre-installed software. What do I do?

Ticketing & Support

How do I share my account details in a support ticket?

How can I get additional support managing my Mac environment?

What are your support and escalation policies?

What if my Mac "locks up" or needs a reboot?

What does the remote hands service cover?

Accounts & Billing

Can I change dedicated server type and options?

Can I change hosting plans?

Can I pay with PayPal?

Can I pay with an invoice?

Why was my credit card declined during the signup process?

What is a billing master?

How do I request changes to a billing master subscription?

Where can I access my invoices?

How do I add more team members to my account?

Can I get a copy of MacStadium's IRS Tax Form W-9?

Can I order additional IP addresses for my subscriptions?

Can I use FileVault on my Mac?

How do I end or cancel my subscription?

How can I reactivate my cancelled Mac subscription?

When do volume discounts start?

How do I remove/archive a team member from my account?