Support Availability

MacStadium offers a number of 24/7 first-line services:

  • Monitoring via LogicMonitor, which can open support tickets automatically
  • Remote hands and basic support (primarily for host-level issues)
  • Shift manager to triage, evaluate severity, and escalate issues
  • Response time is typically less than 5 minutes

Additionally, our engineering team has 24/5 coverage for cloud customers.

Advanced engineering support available when you need it:

  • Networking, storage, and virtualization expertise
  • Break/fix, upgrades, advice, troubleshooting
  • Non-urgent tickets are worked in the order they are received
  • Response time on urgent tickets is ASAP, less than 2 hours

We also maintain 24/7 off-hours, on-call engineering support with:

  • 4-hour maximum response time for urgent issues (Severity X-Y)
  • 2-hour maximum response time for system unavailability (Severity 1 and 2)
  • Non-urgent issues handled 8am the next working day

Severity definitions for cloud environments:

  • Severity 1 - An outage incident affecting multiple customers
  • Severity 2 - An outage incident affecting a single customer
  • Severity 3 - A non-outage incident that adversely affects one or more customers. For example, network latency.
  • Severity 4 - A non-outage incident related to a redundant component failure
  • Severity 5 - A false alarm

MacStadium Ticketing System

If your request is related to a specific subscription, please select it from the drop-down

  • Select the appropriate ticket type
  • Type your message in the text box below
  • You may attach files by clicking the paperclip icon in the bottom-left
  • If the ticket or attachment contains sensitive information such as login credentials, etc., please click the checkbox marked, "sensitive information" to ensure the message is never stored or transmitted in plain-text (e.g., via email)
  • Once you click "Create Ticket" below the text field, your ticket will be created, assigned a number, and added to the new ticket queue
  • You may review all tickets (open and closed), responses, and attachments via the same portal
  • You can close tickets by selecting "Closed" from the dropdown beside the ticket number

Create a Ticket for the following Reasons

Creating a ticket through MacStadium's customer portal is the fastest and most secure way of reaching MacStadium engineering staff. Each ticket is immediately reviewed 24/7 by one of our customer support technicians. When necessary, tickets are escalated to more specialized engineering staff. Tickets are the best way to kick off most requests.

Environment setup questions

  • Questions about your IP plan document
  • Questions about setting up your firewall

Remote hands requests

  • Troubleshooting a non-responsive host
  • Re-imaging a host whose OS has become corrupted

Requests for configuration changes

  • Requesting version update for a host OS or virtualization control layer
  • Requests for infrastructure additions
  • If you typically work with an Account Manager, it is ideal to reach out directly and have them quote prices, kick off the request, etc.
  • If you do not work with an Account Manager or have a very simple request where you're already aware of pricing, you can open a ticket for
    • Firewall upgrades
    • Host additions
    • Storage LUN expansions
    • Additional IP addresses
    • Notification on performance issues
  • Please notify us any time you see unexplained performance degradation

MacStadium engineers can help troubleshoot and return your infrastructure to optimal performance.

Monitoring alerts

  • NMS alerts generated by LogicMonitor
  • Email alerts generated by internal monitoring sent to "[email protected]" via an email address associated with your account

Subscribe to our Status Page

This website shows current status of each data center and is the ideal place to stay up-to-date on scheduled maintenance or unplanned outages.

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