Reboot Your Mac

If your Mac locks up or becomes unavailable, you should first use the Power Management ‘Hard Reboot’ feature included with every dedicated MacStadium server subscription via your control panel on the MacStadium website. Click a subscription, then Hard Reboot.

By clicking this button, you are sending a signal to a power-supply dedicated to your Mac in the data center. The power-supply will drop power for a few seconds and then restore power.

In order for this feature to work as desired, it is important that your mac's Energy Saver/Battery settings are configured as shown below. All of our macs are configured with these settings by default, so no adjustment is needed.

By scheduling a daily self-power on via the operating system settings, your remote Mac will re-awaken by itself in the event it is powered down (example at 4AM below).

In macOS, select System Preferences from the Apple Menu and configure as follows:

  1. Click on Energy Saver
  2. Set Display Sleep to Never
  3. Computer Sleep: Set to Never
  4. Uncheck ‘Put the hard disks to sleep when possible’
  5. Check ‘Wake for Ethernet network administrator access’
  6. Uncheck ‘Allow power button to sleep the computer’
  7. Check ‘Restart automatically after a power failure’
  8. Click Schedule
  9. Set Start up or wake Every day at 4AM (in case you ever accidentally shut your mac down permanently)