Cloud Access

With extremely low latency, color accuracy, and distortion-free graphics, MacStadium's Cloud Access, powered by Teradici, allows users to leverage the full power of macOS for graphics-intensive workloads on Macs in the cloud that perform as if they were within arm’s reach.

Cloud Access offers a unique opportunity for your team work on top-of-the-line macOS machines that can be accessed securely from anywhere -- whether that means the home office, a mobile media lab, or anything in between.

Suggested use cases

  • Video and Entertainment
  • Game Development
  • Secure macOS Workstations
  • Remote Development Environment

Cloud Access Features

Encrypted connection

With Cloud Access, your data will never leave the highly secure MacStadium cloud -- only the encrypted pixels from the remote machine are transferred over the network to a user's local workstation, which means your data is truly secure.

Extremely low latency

Industry-leading, lossless image compression technology delivers a user experience that feels as though your cloud-hosted Mac is physically at your local workstation.

Audio support

Cloud Access features full audio support for Macs hosted in the cloud, unlike traditional VPN solutions.

Multi-Monitor support

Cloud Access hosted by MacStadium supports a maximum of four displays at a maximum resolution of 4K UHD (3840×2160). If you are using a monitor that has more than 3840 pixels in either dimension, you must scale your display to 3840x2160 or lower before launching the PCoIP Client.

MFA integration

Customers can setup and configure MFA for their end users to safely and securely authenticate over VPN into their MacStadium environment.

Using Jamf with Cloud Access

Yes, you can manage your Cloud Access machines using Jamf. Currently manual enrollment is the only method to integrate your machines into Jamf. MacStadium is reviewing automation so that admins can more seamlessly enroll machines into Jamf MDM.

USB Passthrough

Teradici does not currently support USB passthrough.

Disabling copy/paste

Admins can enable or disable security settings at the keyboard level such as disabling copy/paste for end users so they are restricted from what data can leave the secure Cloud Access machines.