VMware Cloud Accounts

Your VMware Cloud environment has a few pre-created accounts that serve different purposes. See below for information regarding these accounts:

MSLicense – The MSLicense account is a Read-Only account setup with access to the full vCenter Server. It is a required account to provide License Reporting information back to VMware. Data is collected on a monthly basis and reported back directly to VMware as part of our role as a VMware Cloud Service Provider. All reporting is sent over HTTPS. The data recorded is strictly related to VM usage and all customer data is anonymized during reporting. Neither VMs nor guest operations are directly accessed. Any data that may be considered PII is anonymized before being sent to VMware. This account must be maintained in the VCSA environment for the entirety of the customer’s control of the VMware Cloud environment and no changes should be made to it by the customer. Making any changes to this account will require MacStadium to reconfigure the MSLicense account.

Netmon – The Netmon account is a Read-Only account setup with access to the full vCenter Server. MacStadium uses the Netmon account for the purpose of providing service and support via monitoring and alerting of VMware Cloud. This account is not required to maintain your VMware environment, however removing or changing the permissions on this account can lead to additional downtime in your environment in cases of hardware failure or other unexpected issues. By default MacStadium sets up alerts to track these types of issues and those alerts depend on the netmon account to provide accurate reporting. If changes are made and the customer would like the service restored, they may open a MacStadium Support ticket and request the netmon account to be restored.