Networking Architecture

Connecting To Your Mac

Because all connections to MacStadium servers have to pass through the public internet, we strongly recommend that you encrypt your data to prevent ill-intentioned people from getting ahold of it.

To this end, we recommend that our customers use a virtual private network to navigate their firewall and connect to their dedicated Mac. That said, far be it from us to dictate the manner by which you connect. To that end, we also enable SSH connections when the machines are staged.

Connect via VPN

Connect via SSH


MacStadium offers top of the line security, but that doesn't mean you have to be a software developer to get its full value. You can simply install the Cisco AnyConnect client on your personal computer (~5 min) and then you will be able to make full use of your remote Mac server.


The "Workstation" in the diagram above is the computer you will use to access your "Remote Mac," or MacStadium server.