Other Clouds

Connect a third-party cloud to your MacStadium environment if:

  • You need to share files between the two clouds.
  • You need to share the cloud infrastructure.
  • You need to access the virtual machines from one cloud on the other.
  • You need to run a more complex CI/CD setup where the macOS part of the pipeline is hosted in
    MacStadium and the remaining pipeline is hosted in another cloud.

Step 1 Setup Third-Party Site-to-Site Config

Choose the third-party provider you would like to connect your Mac Cloud to, and
follow the setup instructions provided.

Step 2 Prepare for MacStadium (Cisco ASA/ASAv) Config

Follow the associated guide provided below as you prepare the VPN configuration for input
into the Cisco ASA/ASAv.

Step 3 Setup MacStadium Site-to-Site Config

Now you will need to configure the MacStadium end of things.

Configure MacStadium's End of the Site-to-Site VPN

Step 4 (Optional) Verify Connection + Troubleshooting

MacStadium + AWS
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting

MacStadium + Azure
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting

MacStadium + Google Cloud Platform
Verify Connection | Troubleshooting