Remote Hands Service

What’s covered?

Our remote hands service covers these types of issues:

  • Mac hardware diagnosis and repair
  • Network infrastructure or IP issues
  • OS password recovery to default
  • OS restore to factory default
  • OS restore from backup (Time Machine, etc.)
  • OS services enable/disable (turn off firewall, SIP, etc.)

What is not covered?

We will always work to ensure we are able to assist you in your service request. In some cases, your request may go beyond our remote hands scope as listed above, and we may then quote you an hourly rate to address your issue, or refer you to one of our IT partners who are better suited to address your IT support needs.

Are backups covered?

MacStadium is not responsible for the backup of your software. We offer external USB drives and NAS options to facilitate your data retention policies. We can provide you the infrastructure and hardware expertise to assist you in setting it up.

If a hard drive in your server fails, we have the capability to replace that hard drive and restore your backups to it, but are not liable for the data on the failed hard drive or the backups.