Connect to Your Cloud (Windows)

The Cisco VPN client for Windows is now deprecated. If you need to connect to your MacStadium cloud from a Windows machine, you can use the free Shrew Soft VPN client instead.

  1. Go to the Shrew Soft Inc. website at and download the VPN client for Windows.

    NOTE: Although OS Support indicates 2K/XP/Vista/7/8, MacStadium has verified that the client works with Windows 10 as well.

  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts. When asked, select Standard Edition.
  3. After the installation completes, find and run the VPN Access Manager.
  4. Click Add+.
Click Add in the VPN Access Manager.Click Add in the VPN Access Manager.

Click Add in the VPN Access Manager.

  1. Enter the IP address of your firewall WAN IP.
Enter IP addressEnter IP address

Enter IP address

  1. Go to the Authentication tab. From the Authentication Method drop-down menu select Mutual PSK + XAuth.
  2. On the Local Identity sub-tab, in the FQDN String text box, enter your group authentication name.
FQDN stringFQDN string

FQDN string

  1. On the Credentials sub-tab, in the Pre Shared Key text box enter your group authentication password. Click Save.
Pre shared keyPre shared key

Pre shared key

  1. On the home screen, select the now available VPN.
Your newly available VPNYour newly available VPN

Your newly available VPN

  1. When prompted, enter your VPN credentials and click Connect.
    When you see Tunnel enabled, you are connected to the VPN.
The tunnel is enabledThe tunnel is enabled

The tunnel is enabled

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Connect to Your Cloud (Windows)

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