Firewall Overview

MacStadium offers a variety of Cisco® firewalls to protect your cloud environment. The portfolio includes several physical and virtual appliance choices to meet your security and performance requirements. Cisco Firepower and Cisco Secure Firewall ASA Virtual offerings deliver scalable VPN capability to access your organization’s MacStadium resources as well as protect workloads against increasingly complex threats with world-class security controls.

To provision Firewalls in your MacStadium account, please contact sales.

With Cisco firewalls, you and your security team can:

  • Access and manage the firewall as the root user (root access).
  • Leverage Cisco AnyConnect for secure remote user access.
  • Filter any Internet and internal traffic real-time. For example, you can pass traffic from selected IPs or IP ranges (e.g., a Jenkins master) and block all other traffic.
  • Connect your local infrastructure to your MacStadium private cloud through secure remote network or site-to-site encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels.
  • Connect a public cloud, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, to your MacStadium private cloud through secure remote network or site-to-site encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels.
  • Perform packet inspection, port blocking, and breach protection.
  • Configure high availability and failover.
  • Limit access to approved users to ensure complete access control.

Standard Configurations

ASAv 5ASAv 10ASAv 30Firepower 2130
Appliance Form FactorVirtualVirtualVirtualPhysical
Stateful inspection throughput max100 Mbps1 Gbps2 Gbps5.4 Gbps
Stateful inspection throughput max (multi-protocol)100 Mbps1 Gbps2 Gbps5.4 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput100 Mbps750 Mbps2 Gbps1.9 Gbps
Connections per second12,50060,000200,00030,000
Concurrent sessions50,000100,000500,0002,000,000
IPsec VPN peers502507507,500

Available Locations

Available in: Atlanta, Dublin, Las Vegas

Getting Started

Contact MacStadium Sales for more information.

Custom hardware or hybrid solutions

If you need to host your own firewall in a MacStadium data center, contact MacStadium Sales to discuss requirements, available options, and involvement from the MacStadium engineering team.

If you have any enabled firewall add-ons, you can access them from your customer dashboard under the Add-Ons tab in the details for your subscription(s).

Other options

Based on your requirements, you can choose to forgo the available Cisco ASAv and ASA options and implement another solution, such as the built-in OS X firewall or a third-party software firewall.

WARNING: MacStadium does not provide assistance with the setup, management, and troubleshooting of these solutions. MacStadium is not responsible for any security risks incurred by such implementations.