Building Your Cloud

Whether you're adding one Mac or many, we're here to support your growth.

If you are registering and have an immediate need for five or more machines, you will first need to verify your billing information before you can order them. We still suggest customers take advantage of the 7-day money back guarantee on new Mac minis in order to test your network connection quality and/or to ensure the machine configuration meets your requirements.

For customers who add no more than one subscription per week, the regular configuration tool is the best approach to spinning up individual machines, as it gives our system the ability to instantly provision minis already staged.

Special and large orders

After your registration is complete, you can either complete a single subscription or head into your customer dashboard to order multiple servers. If you would rather get five or more machines at once and you can provide the technical specifications for each Mac (or you need something not shown in the configuration wizard), open up a support ticket with the Other type and submit your request to our support team. Our staff will work with you to confirm the requirements and begin spinning up the machines as soon as possible. Once the requested Macs are racked in our data center and online our staff will grant you access from within the ticket. Our support team is familiar with large orders and can spin up dozens of minis at a time.