Cloud Connect

How long does provisioning take?

Expect between 1-3 business days for the initial circuit setup when establishing Cloud Connect.

Do I still need a firewall?

It depends. It is entirely possible to isolate your MacStadium environment behind your existing cloud provider’s security. However, in this setup, all MacStadium access to your environment must come through your existing cloud provider. Backup access through a firewall is recommended in most situations in case access through the existing cloud provider location becomes unavailable.

If I add Cloud Connect to my existing MacStadium network configuration, will I need to redo my IP address scheme?

In most cases, you would not have to redo your IP scheme. The only exception is if you have network/subnet overlap between the two environments. In this case, one of the environments would need to be updated to a new IP scheme.

Does MacStadium charge for transfer over the Cloud Connect link?

All transfer is included in MacStadium’s monthly recurring fee. No additional MacStadium charges will be incurred for ingress or egress over your Cloud Connect link.

Does my cloud provider charge for bandwidth use on top of the Cloud Connect charge?

Network charges vary between cloud providers. Most major cloud providers charge a substantially discounted transfer fee for egress over Cloud Connect connections. Check with your provider to understand specific policies and rates.

How quickly can I add bandwidth capacity?

Add capacity at any time as your needs change. Turnaround time is typically one business day.

What information do I need to provide MacStadium to get started?

You will need to exchange cloud ID and BGP peering info with MacStadium. Contact us to get started.