What is the difference between colocation and a dedicated server?

The majority of our customers choose traditional dedicated server hosting where MacStadium provides the server hardware and hosts it in our data center. If you already own a Mac and wish for us to host it for you, you may use our Mac colocation service.

In both offerings, each subscription is required to pay a hosting fee each month which includes the Internet connectivity, custom rack space, power, remote management tools, remote hands support, and active DDoS protection.

There are many benefits to the dedicated server product offering, which include:

  • Instant Activation available to dedicated servers, so you can get started immediately. The latest version of macOS is available with no wait on our most popular Mac mini offerings.
  • MacStadium is 100% responsible for all maintenance on the servers. If your Mac has hardware issues, we cover 100% of hardware and labor costs.
  • You can change Mac models at any point during your subscription with no penalties; you’ll only need to pay any difference in price if upgrading.
  • When Apple releases new Mac hardware in the future, MacStadium will offer subscriptions to those models, and you can swap.
  • If you can’t predict the future (most of us can’t), then using our servers makes more sense than owning the hardware yourself.
  • Technology always depreciates. When you subscribe to a server from MacStadium, you don’t have worry about loss of value, shipping fees, or lost productivity time.
  • Businesses prefer to have an operating expense on the books vs. a capital expense for accounting reasons.

How do I configure my Mac for colocation prior to shipping it?

Please refer to the colo configuration guide. Follow the directions as described, and then ship your Mac to the MacStadium location listed in your install ticket.

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