Scaling Resources

Scaling your resources with MacStadium is simple.

You can create a ticket requesting an addition via the MacStadium Customer Portal.

By default, MacStadium will respond with a sign-able Service Order (SO) to ensure that the requested addition has been approved by any interested parties.

Note: Customers can request to pre-authorize additions without a signature
up to a certain dollar amount. For example, a request worth less than $2,000 MRC
may be scheduled for auto-approval.

Once the service order is signed (or if it was pre-approved):

  1. The engineering team will add the desired infrastructure (Mac or non-Mac host, SAN storage addition, etc.)

  2. The service ticket will be updated to alert the customer that the addition has been completed.

Note: Once added, your new resources will be immediately usable to automate processes (e.g., automated CI builds).

  1. New infrastructure will be added to billing on the day that it was handed over.

  2. Customers can inspect/update/manage the new infrastructure as they would any other.