Getting Started

Once you create an account and select your Mac mini subscription you immediately receive:

  • full access to your customer dashboard;
  • specific subscription information including your IP addresses;
  • a new provisioning support ticket will be created to track the release of your server;
  • a new server will be provisioned for you according to your selection during checkout;
  • and, you will receive instructions via email and the ticketing system in your customer dashboard with instructions for accessing the server.



Due to the potential for delays, we recommend that all new users first subscribe to a Mac mini with instant availability to test network connectivity, latency, and the speed of the hosted Mac.

If you selected a server with instant availability (e.g. a Mac mini running macOS 10.14), you will receive an email after subscribing containing the access instructions.

For custom orders (hardware, networking, or operating system), our technicians will begin configuring your server upon checkout. This can take up to 24 hours or longer in some cases of limited parts availability.

Updated 7 months ago

Getting Started

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